Leading the Way in Standardized Engine Oil Testing Around the World

About OH Technologies

OH Technologies was initially established in 1987, with a focus on sourcing and selling fabricated and machined components consumed in engine oil testing. Over the years, OH Technologies established a test hardware control system that encompassed the supply, consumption, and quality management of test engine components. 

More than 40 years later, OH Technologies, Inc. (OHT) is still the industry leader for providing precision component design, manufacturing, and distributing critical hardware components for standardized engine oil testing. We are credited with developing the Central Parts Distribution (CPD) concept for standardized engine oil testing. OHT has also developed proprietary methods to manufacture precise standardized engine test components with process controls to maximize batch uniformity and minimize batch-to-batch variables during production processes. 

Our extensive experience covers all aspects of design, manufacturing, and supply. From designing custom engine components to meet individual testing requirements to providing insight on the best methods to reach desired test development goals, OH Technologies, Inc. is the industry leader. In addition to manufacturing test stand equipment and test hardware, OH Technologies works directly with automotive, diesel, and marine manufacturers, and their vendors to supply specialized components for testing applications to a worldwide customer base.

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Our Mission

At OHT, it continues to be our mission to ensure, via controlled hardware and high-level service, that the supported test method:

  • Generates credible test results by quantifying the true performance of engine oils
  • Is available
  • Is in control – for both discrimination and precision