Controlled Distribution for Traceability and Consistency

Managed Inventory for Peace of Mind

Our 40-year reputation as a company is built on our commitment to creating consistent, reliable inventory for OEMs and users of ASTM test standards worldwide. As the creators of Information Letter 60, which developed guidance on how to control critical and non-critical standardized test hardware, we have worked hard to create methods to control inventory and batching in a traceable way.

OHT takes the guesswork out of managing the distribution of critical hardware by storing significant inventory levels across our warehouses. Our goal is to establish hardware control systems that improve test precision and discrimination to provide more cost-efficient testing for our customers. We also support our customers by providing just-in-time (JIT) inventory control systems, which allow our customers to know that when they require a hardware component, it is in stock. This allows our customers to carry less inventory with the knowledge that OHT is here to meet their needs if there is an urgent request.